Welded Mesh Cable Tray
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Our products are available in a wide variety of finishes to meet the environment or easthetic requirements of customer installation. Use the list below to find the finish and suffix that will meet your needs.
Availabe product will be listed on individual pages throughout the catalog.
Materials & Surface Finish
Surface Finishing
Thickness Of Coating
Application Enviroment

Medium Carbon Steel

HDG-Hot Dip Galvanized

GI-Pre-galvanized wire
EcoZal-10 (Zinc 90% + Al 10%)
EcoZal-10 (Zinc 90% + Al 5%)

 ≥ 60µm

Min 275g/m2

Indoor, Outdoor

Indoor, Outdoor
Highly  corrosion application,
marine environments


Height (H)
: 25mm,50mm,75mm,100mm,125mm,150mm
Width  (W)
: 50mm to 1000mm
Length (L)
: 300mm to 3000mm
Wire Diameter (D)
: 3.5mm to 6.0mm


  • Bend,Riser, T Junctions,Crosses and Reducers can be made from wire mesh cable tray straight section flexibly in projects.
  • Trays shall be supported at normally span 1.5m by bracket (maximum span is 2.5m).
  • Wire mesh cable tray system can be safely used in place where the temperature range between -40oC and +150oC without any change to their characteristics.

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